Blue bag is an initiative to return to the sea what it gives to us. Purity, beauty, love...
If every sailor collect only one bag of debris per year, sea would say:

~ thank you. ~

Blue bag is not an obligation. It's a challenge.


How to participate?

Take 5 minutes of your holiday and gather debris that washed ashore on some hidden, less accessible beach. When you return to the port just leave the Blue Bag in a dumpster. You will help the sea. You will feel better.


The goal is for every sailor to collect a bag of garbage during the course of a season. If that can be accomplished, there would be no need for various missions and massive resources to keep  the coastline clean.

What we collect

We collect: plastics, cans, ropes, nets, jars, shoes, clothes, wooden objects... all the waste that washes ashore.

We do not collect branches, leaves, bones, remains of regional flora and fauna.

Blue Bag Challenge - Photo competition

Take a photo of your adventure collecting sea debris and publish it on this site or share on Instagram and Facebook with #bluebagTkon tag. Encourage your friends to do the same. If all boaters collect one Blue Bag per year, the mission will succeed!

The most original photo will be rewarded.